Finished Formulations : Nutraceuticals

Our formulations are based on natural ingredients in extract forms. Key ingredients as under:



Supplements for Targeted Therapeutics areas:

    • Cancer
    • Arthritis
    • Diabetes
    • Liver Function
    • Psoriasis


2 Capsules per day to be continued as per the age / seriousness of the disease and prescribed by doctor


A product with good quality Carica Papaya Leaf Extract, a rich source of complex biochemical Constituents including flavonoids, glycoside, alkaloids, glutathione and glucosinolates that helps to Boost the number of platelets by stimulating bone marrow.

CariStar assists in prevention of platelet destruction in the blood thereby increase the life of platelet in circulation.

Supplements for Targeted Therapeutics areas:

  • Prevents Platelet destruction
  • Helpful in Dengue fever, Malaria Viral Fever etc.
  • Increase Platelet Counts (Thrombocytopenia / Natural Platelet booster)
  • Improves Immune System.


1 Tablet per day or as prescribed by doctor.


Rich in Whey Protein with Moringa extract

CLARA’PRO+is formulated to gain immunity and supports health recovery faster. Rich in Whey Protein (40%) with Moringa leaf extract masked with Vanilla flavour makes the supplement easy to intake by patients!

Whey Protein: Enhances body’s natural defence mechanism for strong immunity.

Moringa Leaf Extract: It act as an anti-cancer agent by decreasing cell motility and colony formation in colorectal and breast cancer cell lines.


2 Teaspoon per day or as prescribed by doctor


Anti Stress and improving cell metabolism

A product with mixture of Phosphatidylserine & Phosphatidylcholine.

Brain cells are particularly rich in PS, which is absolutely required for their optimal functionality.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a precursor of Acetylcholine which is required for brain function. PC and its components are needed for the synthesis of important messenger molecules called prostaglandins which, among other functions, regulate the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Choline is required for the synthesis of intracellular messenger molecules including the neurotransmitters that allow nerve cells to communicate with muscles and each other, and are essential for proper heart and brain function.

  • Improve nerve & brain function
  • Prevent arteriosclerosis
  • Help to improve cardiovascular system
  • Lower blood pressure and Cholesterol
  • Rebuild cells & tissues
  • Rejuvenate organs & skin
  • Protect the liver & helps to lose body fat
  • Increase energy levels


Available in Capsule Form


2 Capsules per day or as prescribed by doctor.